45-of-161.jpgWe have uploaded some pictures that Amy has taken so far on her photography school. They look great and I am very proud of her as it is a hard school and the learning curve is steep. Thanks Dave for making it happen on your end. We hope that you enjoy the pictures and if you would like to comment on them you can just do so on this blog. The address is philnamy.com/amyspix, but you can click to it below.Enjoy 

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7 comments so far on “Amy’s Pix

  1. joanna says:

    thanks phil – oh WOW! amy, these photos are amazing! i really really hope you post more soon. i feel like i am getting to be with a bit on this journey through these photos and all your great updates.could i please print the ones of phil for a photo wall we’re assembling at home?
    p.s. abby’s dresses are SOOOO cute…. send them eleanor’s way if you don’t have anyone who has dibs on her stuff – but what i’m really excited about is the pictures!

  2. stewart says:

    very nice pics, really liked emma and india and the ice cream and abby. a couple of good ones of phil in action and contemplation, nice work

  3. Shannon says:

    Great work Amy! I love it! What camera are you shooting with? I’m totally envious of you being at that school! :o) I’d love to do the same!

  4. Clayre says:

    Wow Amy those are so beautiful! I am glad you are learning some cool things! Hey by chance do you know a Lindsay Brunsman? She is from my church and I just remembered she left not too long ago to do this photo school in Kona!

  5. linda says:

    Amy you really have an artists eye. I am so glad that you guys are there and that things are going well. I love the pics of the girls but I think my fav is the one of Phil thinking. I hope you get everything you wanted out of this school. I am bummed I can not be with you all but I am glad that you have found good friends and are making precious memories. Keep up the good work.

  6. ben parsons says:

    hey guys,
    thanks a lot. those are sooo cool! i think “phil thinking” is my fav? dave showed it to me last night on his phone- the full version is even better :O



  7. LORIFOX says:

    Great Photos! Really liked the one at the hotel on the bridge (hilton?) and the floating ice cream, and flipping-phil, and the wood fence w/ the blue sky behind it. Good eye for compesition! WONDERFUL! Keep it up Amy!!

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