malcolmx.jpgWell, tomorrow Amy and I fly off to Honolulu to see if we can get our fingerprints done for our Green Cards. We are flying at 8:30 am and will go directly to immigration to ask them if they can do our fingerprints. We will spend the rest of our day looking at tall buildings (Phil has city withdraws) and will arrive back in Kona at 8:30 pm. We are defiantly taking a chance at this, especially since I (Phil) don’t have my appointment yet, but we do serve a God of wonders, so heres hoping.

I want to thank all of you who replied to our last update about this, your prayers are welcome and encouraged. I am hopeful to see what happens as a result. I also want to thank Jane for watching Emma, Johnny and Karine for watching Abby and Gordon and Deborah for watching both of them, you have made this trip much easier and cheaper for us.

Keep praying, we will let you know what happens.


Phil and family.

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  1. Clayre says:

    God bless you in that! I hope you get what you need!

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