img_0006.JPGWell, it worked. Yep, we flew into Honolulu, picked up our wheels and drove to immigration. We arrived in and noticed the t.v. was playing Tom and Jerry cartoons. So, we gave them Amy’s papers and passport and they informed us that our appointment was Seattle, not Honolulu. We explained our situation and he agreed to do Amy’s prints. Then it was my turn. I gave him my processing number and told him that I did not have an appointment. He, without even a thought told me that they would take care of it and I could get prints done then with Amy. Thanks, thanks and thanks.

The rest of the day we spent eating food, cooked just for us. We shopped a bit, in a non touristy area, which is hard to find in Hawaii, and drove around so Amy could take pictures. Now we are back in our room, eating ice cream and French bread and cheese (we had a craving). Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, it totally worked.

By the way, the picture is off the bathroom wall in the Honolulu airport.

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3 comments so far on “sweeeeeeeet

  1. Jim Baker says:

    hotttt i’m glad it worked out and you got a day long vaca out the deal.

    see ya tmrw.

    jim baker

  2. Johnny says:

    You guys are the mothaflippin’!

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