2284883348_e8c4ce5d5f.jpgSorry for not posting a justice post today, I have not made time this week to put something together and didn’t just want to put something out there because it is Friday. I have been convicted once again that if I want to do something about injustice it will take time, time I have to give.

Instead I have another guest post from Jim Baker. He is a good man who is doing the school of photography with Amy and takes great pics. Enjoy.

Phil has asked me to be a guest writer for his blog
and I’m honored because I really enjoy this blog.
Phil’s a breath of fresh air and his blog is just an
extension of that.

By the way, I’m not dutch.

I just walked past a couple that was walking and
holding hands. The key point of this story is not that they were
holding hands but that I walked past them.  I’m a SLOW
walker.  Let me give you a little insight into my
theology here…

1 John 2:6 says this. “Whoever claims to be in Him must WALK as Jesus did.”
– emphasis mine. This is the theology that I use whenever someone
suggests that we go for a run… Jesus didn’t run, so
Jim Baker doesn’t run and I show them the verse.

As I walked past them I realized that they were in no
hurry, they were simply enjoying being with one
another as they walked.  And it made me question my
relationship with God.  Am I in a hurry or do I simply
walk, enjoying being in Him.

If I was in a hurry it would be to “find my calling”
or figure out what “God’s purpose is for my life.”
But what if my calling and my purpose is simply to
walk in relationship with God and take my time and
enjoy Him.

I was in Latvia last spring shooting a documentary for
a missionary couple and our key phrase became, “I
don’t know where we’re going but we sure are making
good time.”  The more I said it the more I realized
that that statement defines my life.

I’m in a hurry to get somewhere but I’m not sure where

So what is our destination?  And what’s our hurry?

Jim Baker is a 23 year old in transition.  He enjoys
writing when its worthwhile.  He has also dabbled in
music and is currently studying photography.

Jim Baker myspace
Jim Baker photos

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3 comments so far on “guest post

  1. mike says:

    Hey Phil- I am listening to U2 right now. It was great seeing you, and well meeting Jim too. Like the guest post idea.

  2. Clayre says:

    Jim, thank you so much for this post. I will be 23 on Thursday. I both love and hate birthdays. Love because it’s an excuse to celebrate and hang out and have attention showered upon you! I am all about those things :). Hate because I have this nagging gut feeling: what the heck have you done with your life Clayre? Where are you headed? What is God doing in your life? Where is He taking you? Have you figured it all out yet? HUH??
    AGH! It causes me anxiety; I can feel it rising in my chest.
    God doesn’t want for me to fret.
    I do like to run, even if Jesus doesn’t :). But I have to remember, life’s not all about the races. Often it’s just about the slow and steady run. No pressing objective. No anxiety. No competition. Just running.

  3. Jim Baker says:

    mike! did you get home safe? it was good meeting you bro.

    Clayre… Happy Early Birthday and… you’re welcome. I won’t judge you because you like running, I promise. I actually deep down inside admire people with a lot of discipline to push through hard things… I don’t do that often

    jim baker

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