dsc_0132.jpgI am sure some of you wonder what I do all day. Tomorrow my friend Jim will be doing a day in the life of Phil photo story. I will be posting on it on Sunday and am very excited about it. I hope that it will be a good memory of my time here, which is ending in 13 day’s and an encouragement to you. See you tomorrow for Justice Friday.

photo by Cliff

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3 comments so far on “Coming up

  1. Lars says:

    Ph- It sound to me that the time in Hawaii was good for you and your family. I love reading about the time you spent with your girls and how proud you were of Amy’s accomplishments and talent. I know it’s almost over and you are moving back to my heart town. I think that God worked in your life this last several months. I’m looking forward to talking about it all and getting some things down in print. You are a great friend.

  2. Shahid says:

    What’cha smokin Amy?


  3. phil says:

    Silly amy, alway’s trying to get a laugh by doing things in pictures like pretending to smoke.

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