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  1. Lars says:

    Bro- That was really cool. I just watched it with my daughter. She kept saying “Who’s that” and pointing at your pictures. Now she’s saying “That was your friend Phil?”

    Really neat season of life you are in. I know you’ve been wrestling with future issues but it seems God gave you some good focus and perspective in Kona.

    You’re a good friend and you challenge and encourage me in great ways. When my life and my thoughts feel an inch deep and a mile wide you bring a deeper perspective that makes me want to sit and talk.

    Thanks for the blessing this was to me today. Sic photography too.

  2. amanda says:

    phillllllll….your friend jim did a great job! but with the melancholy music i felt like a day in the life of phil was a sad event. i think the music by the arcade fire would’ve suited you more. either way, it was fun to watch! and i hope a day in your shoes is super awesome, even if it is a much different pace than you’re used to.

    miss ya my friend.

  3. phil says:

    I hear with you are saying Amanda, but I disagree. I think it shows the connectedness of the girls and I, I am not a big fan of the music either in the sense that I don’t listen to that style, but I think for this story it fit perfectly. Maybe it is just the place I am in too, doing this for the last 2 1/2 months has been emotional and overwhelming so if fit. You are right on Jim being a good photographer.

  4. will says:

    Hey phil that was really cool. Halfway through it Lori asked me if it was making me want a girl. We find out next week what we are going to be having. Well hope your having a awesome day out there. Talk to you later bro.

  5. Clayre says:

    That was really precious! Abbby is really going to treasure those photos some day and I know she will be better for the time spent with her daddy!

  6. Shahid says:


    Thanks for sharing this was beautiful

    Makes me wish I could join you for coffee. =0)


  7. Melissa says:

    hey phil! it’s great being able to have a window into your days in Kona. what a gift to have this time with your precious girls. they’re beautiful. and i think what you said in the beginning is so right. it takes a deeper perspective change to be able to value what you’re giving to your family, but i’m so thankful that you’re able to give it. thanks for sharing!

  8. mel says:

    Wow. That Jim guy is really talented. I gotta admit that I’m with Amanda; I found myself tearing up and waiting for your eulogy. It’s great to see pics of life for the c’hams there. Beautiful daughters. It’s crazy how jaya was the age of Abby when I was in my first year of school. Those pics really brought me back to those days. Glad they’re over honestly. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  9. amanda rupp says:

    loved it- a good reminder that the moments of our days, mundane as they may seem at times, are what makes for a beautiful life….

  10. Jim Baker says:

    hey everyone…

    thanks for the compliments on the work… it was an honor to do.

    here’s a quote from my blog about the project.

    “I really admire Phil because its not typical for a guy to uproot his family so that his wife can pursue one of her dreams. And not only that switch roles and do an awesome job of taking care of his daughters. Phil’s a hero of mine.”

    jim baker

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