anger.jpgToday started great. I went into the bank to deposit a check for my friend Sam and the guy at the teller in front of me was getting upset for some reason. It seemed as though they couldn’t cash his check as he didn’t have the correct i.d. So, the man, approx. in his mid to late 30’s yelled at the cashier, walked away and punched a hole right through the wall at the Washington Mutual Bank, it was a site to see for sure. It reminded me of when I was 16 and used to do that.

A minute later I was called to the teller. I asked the banker if she was alright and she said yes and thanked me for asking. We proceeded to talk about how silly it is to do something like punch a hole in a wall when the people who work in the place have your drivers license,  Social Security number, address,  phone number, and access to your account. Silly man, I hope his day got a little better after that.

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