I’m posting my justice Friday today instead of Friday because of an article I just read on the BBC. It is about parents selling their children into marriage because of lack of money due to hight prices in food and other things. Here is a quote from the article that made me stop for a second.
“She says she tries to teach parents not to marry their girls too young but some feel they have no choice. One girl she helped through labour was only 10 years old. “The girl was so small. I held her in my lap until the child was born,” she says..

This is a tragic thing, but a thing that parents see no way out of as they are dying due to poverty and inflated prices. Please read the article for yourselves and ask God what He would have you do, even if it’s just pray. You can read it here. BBC

Jesus, all I can ask is that you bring hope, please bring hope. AMEN.

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  1. Clayre says:

    heavy stuff. I get so frustrated, if I am being honest, because I am not Jesus. I don’t have answers for hurting people, for 10 year old girls having babies. I try to think about what he would do if he came across these people. I come up short. I have nothing. I just want Him to come and bring healing. I’m here for Him to use.

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