img_0035.jpgGood morning and happy Friday. I was wondering about what to post today for Justice Friday and then started thinking about some of my friends who are doing justice focussed things in the US and Canada. I am very excited when I see friends of mine moving in this direction. I wanted to link you to a couple of them and what they are doing. I think that is one of the purposes of a blog, to connect readers with other like minded people so that it is not just about me, but about us.

Jamie who I have linked to before and his base in Winnipeg are running a Justice focussed DTS this fall. I am honored to be able to speak on it in October. Jamie has been pro-active in the area of justice for some time now. They have a strong heart to see the situation in Gulu, Africa with child soldiers come to an end along with other areas of injustice in their own city.

My good friends in San Diego with YWAM are running a mercy and justice and Asia focussed DTS this fall as well. I am excited for them as this is the 1st DTS that they have run in San Diego. I believe they are going to bring peace and healing to this city that they love through it.

Finally, David Cunningham has just finished post production on Hakani. It is the story of a tribe in Brazil who are not seen as Brazilian citizens by the government, as most tribes in Brazil aren’t. It documents the tribes belief that if a baby is born with a deformity they should be buried alive so that their final breath would be underground.  It is not out yet, but will be soon.

I am continuing to ask myself the question of “what is my part?” I will continue to ask and act towards justice.

Thansk for your time.

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3 comments so far on “justice friday

  1. Clayre says:

    This post made me jealous (not what you are going for I KNOW)….I would like to do one of those DTS’s….not that mine wasn’t excellent or anything!
    Thanks for the links!

  2. julie prentice says:

    i look so forward to your writings on fridays i am learning so much about a topic i was never to sure about and what justice really meant and how i could do my are a great teacher i miss you BRO.

  3. Clayre, you can always do your best to encourage others to join us for this one! We really need more students.


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