Below are the lyrics from Sally Forth Recording Artist The Spirit That Guides Us.

amy_color-extra_2-10-55-35.jpgBut only now have I discovered. He is not of this world. He is a ghost.
One that rests in the the places where holiness is washed across the floors.
He hides inside those who seek Him
Rests in their hearts until they feel His presence and accept His peace.
Perhaps I have been too blind to see Him there inside me for all these eternities
But now I have surely found Him
And He has guided me all these paths all these places.
He has shown me the way
So that I would learn how to look inside and see Him sleeping in my soul
As I tackle draging sea and tormenting heat the Spirit inside us.

 Photo by Amy Cunningham

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One comment so far on “The Newly improved silence

  1. ben sand says:

    haha… thats funny. I actually wrote that years ago for TSTGU. They asked me to write a poem for their record. havent read that in YEARS!!

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