picture-2.png10,000 + killed in Burma. If you have not heard about this it is devastating. On Saturday a cyclone hit Burma and devastated it. I have so many emotions regarding this, one is that this is another natural disaster that has ruined and ended so many lives and another is the thought of “why Burma, so much has happed there already in the last year.”

I am not really sure what my response should be on this. I can pray, and I probably will, but what else? This is the dilemma I and hopefully all of us face when things tragic happen that are beyond our control. What are our options? Should you go and help? And if so, what would you do? I mean if you have no skills then don’t waste your money on a ticket, just send them money through an organization that is helping. Should you give? I think that it shows where our hearts are when we look at where our money goes, but then again, can we give to everything? No, there is to much tragedy out there.

I think where we need to start is to stop and silently ask Jesus what He would have you do. I am convinced of this more and more each day that He is the one who knows peoples needs. The people in Burma are His kids who He created and died for, regardless of their belief systems. We man not have the means to give, or the skill to go, but we all have a minute to ask God what our response to this should be.

Thanks, and may God speak.

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  1. Clayre says:

    Well said

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