img_0925.JPGI am sitting in my good friend Lars living room right now in Dallas drinking decaf and eating cinnamon buns. I love hanging out with Lars. It is refreshing, it is encouraging and I always leave with clearer and stronger vision about where my life is going. Anyway, Lars is bringing a team to Costa Rica this summer with me to do a Mission Adventures trip. We are both bringing our kids with us which will be fun, but will also bring up new challenges of doing a trip like this and having to be a full time dad at the same time, we will see how it goes. At the least I won’t have to miss my little girl and it will be great for us.

In other news, back home my friends Zach and Aaron are preparing for the big meat smoker party we are doing on Friday. The meat has been purchased (4 racs of ribs, a whole chicken, brisket and pork shoulder). We are turning a filing cabinet into a smoker and are going to slow cook/smoke the meat in there all day Friday and feast when it is done. So, I am in TX right now, land of the BBQ and my mouth is watering for Seattle where the BBQ is actually going to happen. The above picture is the initial planning meeting, there will be more info and pics to come.

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  1. Clayre says:

    DUDE! PHIL!!! Hello?? I am IN Dallas too! I live here. You should have let me know!

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