maiden.jpgI remember one day in grade 6 walking to class and seeing my friend John Elliot walking by with an Iron Maiden tour shirt on. I remember asking him when he got it and hearing him tell me that he got it the night before at the show. I have been haunted since that day back in 1984, but tonight is my night. Tonight, 24 years later Iron Maiden will be in Seattle to do the very same tour that I missed and I am going with my friend Norm and sitting in row 5.

I am excited about tonight. I am excited to see what, if anything did I miss 24 years ago when they played. I am excited to go with my friend Norm who I haven’t seen in years and years. I am excited that they won’t be playing any new songs, since i don’t know any of them. I am excited to see the masses of mullet supporting 35+ husbands and fathers. I am excited to see how many people try to fit into the same pants they wore the last time they saw Iron Maiden, in the 80’s. Anyway, I hope it will be a fun night, even thought I threw up hard today and still feel a bit queezy.

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6 comments so far on “Maiden Seattle

  1. Johnny says:

    no, don’t tell me you actually bought tickets beforehand?

  2. Shahid says:

    my guess is the vomit was just getting you ready for the real show… hah!!!

    Hope you had fun.

  3. the Russian says:

    Iron Maiden? WWLS? (What Would Loren Say)

  4. ben parsons says:

    i hope you survived the metal onslaught. check out my blog to find out about the new school i’m starting (SOTUTHW)

  5. phil says:

    oh I read it alright Ben, wow

  6. Isorski says:

    I saw that same show the other night. If you want to re-live it, I posted a review and some photos at Check it out.

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