shower.JPGI am back in Costa Rica and it feels just like home. I will be here for 6 day’s running the training portion of the Mission Adventures program we are doing down here. I will not write long, but I will hopefully be able to post every day.

For today, I just want to post about my shower experience. I won’t get into the gory details, but I do want to talk about the widowmaker. The widowmaker is the shower, as pictured above. The way it works is that there are coils that heat up in the shower head to make the water warm. The less water pressure you use the hotter the water gets. So you either get a weak hot shower or a heavy freezing shower. The other reason it is called the widowmaker is that all the wiring is outside the shower just waiting to short and kill you right there in the tub. Anyway, so far I make it through my 1st shower alive, we will see how it goes.

There is lot’s to do here still to get ready for the team coming tomorrow, heres hoping.

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5 comments so far on “Widowmaker

  1. Shannon says:

    Haha, oh I remember that shower. And I must say, that is one thing in Heredia that I’m not missing. Have a WONDERFUL time there! Pet a goat for me : )

  2. Lars Rood says:

    That made me laugh. We had those in Boliva too and they called them Widowmakers.

  3. Brandon says:

    Ah the widowmaker… I remember so well. What a great way to start your day with perspective on your own mortality.

  4. Lisa says:

    This entry brings back so many memories! I used one of those for a year when I lived in Honduras. Ours had the added feature of a tube which occasionally fell out, sending the water spewing out the side toward the wall. When you tried putting it back in, a mild electrical shock was sent through your body-thus earning the name “Shower of Death”. Luckily, we survived, but it sounds as if others haven’t!

    Thanks for all the great memories at OV we will miss you and the girls terribly!

  5. josh says:

    is that the same house we stayed in last year?

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