emma.jpgToday is fathers day. I am sitting in Mexico at the YWAM house overlooking the beach and thinking about my girls Emma and Abby. I love my 2 girls with all that i’ve got. They are a total blessing and miracle to my life. I love hearing them laugh, watching them play and most of all hearing them call for daddy. I see my girls as the most important ministry that I have. I am excited about raising them in the way’s of Jesus. Helping them see themselves as beautiful, important, strong and loved girls.img_0633.JPG

I love the responsibility of being a dad. I sometimes have to stop and wonder if I love it because I love feeling needed, or because I love loving my girls. I pray that it is alway’s because I just love loving my girls, regardless of the response, but the response is great. I am thankful for technology and the ability I have to see my girls each day on skype and then knowing that they are not forgotten. The other day I got an email from Emma letting me know that she will never forget me, it was beautiful.

Anyway, here’s to you girls. I love being your dad and your friend. I will always love you and you will always know that you are loved.

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