picture-3.pngI have not posted or read blogs in a while so I just wanted to post to say I am still here. I arrived back from Costa Rica and Mexico on Thursday night, had a party on Friday, packed and ate Ribs and burgers on Saturday with friends and left Sunday. I am sitting in a Holiday Inn Express (thanks dad) in Calgary right now on the way to Saskatchewan. Today, on the way out we are going to the dinasour park in Drumheller, yep thats right, I said dinasour park. This week I will try to catch up on reading and posting, then on Monday I am out again for Vancouver for 5 day’s and then off to Cambodia with Amy. It is a busy season, as most summers are, but I am looking forward to it. I will try to stay on top of it here, thanks for reading. By the way, I have been listening to the new Coldplay, Death Cab, Troy Smith and the Urban Hymnal on the trip and they are all amazing.


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  1. ben parsons says:

    hey dude.

    how are you guys? what do you mean by “listening to urban hymnal”?

    anyway, i get almost one click a day from your blog to mine, so i wanted to say thanks.



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