coldplay-viva-la-vida-album-cover-med.jpgWell I am back in Canada from Cambodia. It is good to be here, minus all the work I have to do on the house, like painting the ceiling with oil based killz for starters. So the other day I was visiting Amy’s granny at the nursing home here in Birch Hills. We were heading outside to the play area so the kids could play and I thought I heard Vida La Vida from Coldplay’s new album playing. As I walked to the exit door the music grew louder and louder and so I poked my head into a room and there it was. On the tv screen there was Coldplay playing Vida la Vida live at the BBC studios. Across from the tv was a man approx. 60+ years old crashed out on the bed watching. The funny thing is that in the room next door the same thing was happening, Coldplay on the tv and elderly person crashed out on his bed. It made me laugh. Anyway, to check out the song click here.

Sorry for not posting in a while, things got busy as we were closing up on out time in Cambodia and then we put all out attention of the girls, will write more regularly now.


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2 comments so far on “vida la vida

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Phil, just dropping by and thought I’d let you know it. Jamie has just informed me of your recent transition. I’ll be praying with you and what not. Good luck with painting…up.


  2. Johnny says:

    And what a great song it is? Got the album yet?

    BTW: Karine still cries when we listen to “fix you”


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