img_0936.JPGThis week has been crazy, but good so far. Sunday was Amy’s 31st birthday so we went out to the lake with her brothers and their ladies and her mom and dad. It rained on the way out, but when we got there it was sunny and perfect. Brent, Amy’s younger brother brought out his boat and we did some tubing and canoing, my arms were not to happy on Monday morning.

Today we went into Saskatoon and did some running around which was needed, but not my most favorite thing to do in the world. I saw my dad for an hour or so, which is great, but always a bit difficult as I really miss him and am trying, as he is to bring healing to our relationship.

I spent most of the day entertaining the girls as Amy picked up some stuff for the house. img_0942.JPGWe completely destroyed the toy isle at the Superstore and played a mean game of hide and seek in Winners. We also went to Costco where we spent most of our time jumping on beds, eating ice cream and ripping off free samples, which really isn’t ripping it off.

Tomorrow is Abby’s 2nd birthday and Friday is out 10th anniversary of being married. We were trying to figure out where to go, I think that we decided on Amy’s in Prince Albert. After dinner we are going to come back to the house with Amy’s friend Tracy and continue paining, I know, how romantic.

img_0944.JPGAnyway, things are good here. It is good to be in one place for a while and just hang with the girls. I want to get more reading done though, haven’t picked up a book since I got here, minus the Bible.


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4 comments so far on “jump up it’s a good day, hooray hooray

  1. soph says:

    Happy Anniversary guys! Hope its fun & that the painting goes well;)… The girls are looking cute as ever!

  2. Clayre says:

    did yall move back up to canada?

  3. djdread says:

    So let me get this right…

    You have been married 10 years, and you are going to go out for a really nice romantic meal, then you are going to go home… and paint?!?! With a friend present?!?! So you are even going to have to keep your clothes on! No freaky “body art”?!?! WTF dude.

    Come on guys. Anyways, happy anniversary. We all miss you.


  4. Trevor says:

    Happy Anniversary you guys!

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