picture-3.pngI have not been posting on my blog very regularly and I also have not been reading many blogs lately. I am spending tonight catching up on friends and other blogs that I enjoy reading and that help me move in my life and my faith. I will try to be more disciplined in posting after mid- August as that is when my summer is over and I stop doing trips. Thanks for being patient.

If you are looking for some other good blogs to read in you could check out Lars, Wade, Eugene, and Dan. Sorry if you were not mentioned, it’s not that I don’t read you, it’s just that I am tired.


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2 comments so far on “reading blogs

  1. Blake says:

    dude, i just realized that somehow your blog was not in my google reader! (OH NO!)

    But don’t worry, it now is in there and I will be keeping up on you….so watch out!

  2. Mary says:

    I’m doing well…actually moved to Portland Oregon for school—-been here a month and really enjoy it-

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