picture-1.pngThere is an ancient story of a refugee woman called Hagar. She was a domestic helper to a man called Abraham & his wife Sarah. She was forced to be a surrogate mother for her master’s wife and when she became pregnant she was cast out of the house by her master’s wife, because of jealousy.

An angel of God found her in the desert and told her to return to Abraham & Sarah,, which she chose to do. Hagar had a son and names him “Ishmael”.

Fourteen years later her master’s wife had a son and again due to animosity and jealousy, forced Hagar to leave.

Hagar went back to the desert and wandering there without hope, she placed her son under a bush and walked away to weep at a distance as she could not bear to watch him die.

God heard the cries of her son.

He miraculously provided water for both Hagar and Ishmael and they survived, prospered and become a great nation.

The story of Hagar and her son, Ishmael, is the story of Cambodia’s many exploited and abandoned women and children, but like the Hagar of the Bible, God hears their cries.

Hagar Cambodia is committed to the “Hagar’s” and “Ishmaels” of Cambodia and works to introduce them to the “God who sees”

The story of Hagar and her son, Ishmael, is the story of millions of exploited, trafficked, disabled and abandoned women and children, but like Hagar in the Bible, God hears their cries.

Hagar International is committed to the “Hagars” and “Ishmaels” of this world and is passionate about the recovery and restoration of each individual to life in alls its fullness with “The God who Sees”.

Two weeks ago, when Amy and I were in Cambodia we went to the Hagar factory. After talking to security they put us on the phone with the owner of Hagar. From there we were introduced to one of the managers who told us a bit about what Hagar does in Cambodia, but let us know that we could not get a tour of the factory. After talking with her for a few minutes she decided to give us a tour of the warehouse. It was an amazing thing to see a place that is offering jobs, aftercare, childcare and a future to women at risk and their children.

Hagar has a center for abused women, a catering program to teach underprivileged people how to have a trade, a day care and a clothing company where all the clothing is made by those who are disadvantaged or handicapped. For more info see here.

Hagar is a great organization, please take a minute to check out what they are all about. Jesus, thanks for Hagar. I pray for favor with the government of Cambodia and also with donors. I ask for wisdom, your wisdom in their lives to be able to be used in the greatest way possible.

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