sudan.gifToday I am writing on behalf of my friend Charity who is working in Sudan, Africa. Charity is from Shelton, WA and we have known each other since the summer of 2000. Charity worked with us on our first ever Mission Adventures program in Washington. Charity talked a lot that summer about working in Sudan as a missionary. A few years later she found herself doing just that, working in Sudan serving the needs of the people there and bringing the love of Jesus. Last week Charity wrote an update on what is going on over there and how we can be praying so I asked her if I could share it here and she said for sure, so here it is below.

Dear Family and Friends,

As injustice is ever still heavy on my heart, I feel compelled to share about it once more. This time I wish to share two separate stories with you as tools to lead you in areas of prayer against corruption and injustice. Today the specific injustice that I wish to share about is children’s rights; the right for a chance to survive and the right to a family for an orphan.

A CHANCE TO SURVIVE…. Both Cindy and I have shared about Akol over the course of the past few weeks. At four years old, Akol came to us suffering from tetanus and possible meningitis. He was with us for 21 days, but was still a long way from beating the sicknesses. However, while he still had a long way to go, the last few days he was with us we were able to see some improvements that gave us hope he would pull through and be okay. After the first few days he was with us his mother began to complain, wanting to take him home to die, convinced he wouldn’t survive. With each passing day we had to talk more and more to her to convince her not to leave, but to stay and give him a fighting chance. After 21 days she took her son and ran away in the middle of the night (even against her husband’s family’s wishes). She, not a Dinka, ran to the bush (I know you thought I was in the bush, but it gets even bushier than here!) and to the traditions of her people. We got word that two days later Akol passed away. I have been trying to see things from her perspective, to understand that in her mind she was trying to do what was best for Akol. Yet, at the same time I feel compelled to share this with you and ask you to pray for the rights of the children. For the right to get medical treatment, the right to have a fighting chance at survival. Pray for a system to be established here that can fight for such children as Akol.

A FAMILY FOR THE ORPHANS…. As you all know, adoption is near and dear to my heart, with my own little sister Viola being from Sudan. Ever since Viola’s adoption in Kenya, adoption has only gotten more and more difficult after some baby trafficking cases came out. While I do believe that something needed to be done to ensure the trafficking stopped, the system has gone out of control, making it next to impossible for anyone to want to even try and adopt one of Kenya’s more than one million orphans. I recently learned of a couple in Kenya trying to adopt a little boy whose name will remain untold for security reasons. This little boy stayed with this couple for 18 months as they worked with the court system to finalize the adoption. Then, a month ago the little boy was taken from them. The only explanation given was that along the way in the adoption some procedural errors occurred and they could no longer have him. They appealed to the courts, but have been told the earliest the court will hear their appeal is 3 years from now!! Needless to say the couple is crushed and in desperate need of prayers as the fight the system to try and get back their son. My heart breaks for them and is irate for the injustice and corruption behind the entirety of what is happening to them and this precious little boy. I ask you to pray for favor as they fight a corrupt system in an uncorrupt way. Pray they are able to get him back without having to wait the three years for a hearing. Pray for the other orphans in Kenya without prospects of families due to the injustice and corruption of the courts.

Thank you for taking a stand against the injustice against children here with me!


Please remember Charity in your prayers that God would continue to give Her wisdom as she fights against injustice in Sudan.

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  1. Clayre says:

    Wow Phil I appreciate you sharing this so much. Sudan is on my heart often and it’s so good to hear from someone who is there making a difference.

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