emma2.jpgAs I sit here drinking my coffee that I brought back from Costa Rica I am taken back to last week when Emma and I were there. I think most of this update will be focussed on how great of a daughter I have, but I will try to put some details in about the trip as well.

Emma and I were there from Aug. 10-19th. We were hosting a team from Dallas TX. which was set up by me and Lars, a good friend of mine who is the student ministry pastor at the church out there. We went to a small town called Nacoya, which is in the province of Guanacaste and worked with some good friends Diego and Salla, who run the YWAM work out there. This was our first time working in that part of the country, so we were very excited.

While there we did some work projects, did a presentation in a high school, went on prayer walks, ran children’s programs (this team had the best kids crafts I have ever seen), and visited a detention center. The trip was very relational in nature, so we spent a lot of our time sharing Jesus through relationship and time. There are a lot of english speakers in that part of Costa Rica, so that helped.

Emma did great. Looking back on the time there I realize that Emma never complained or asked to go home. The one time that was hard for her was the first day as it was very hot and it took some time adjusting to it. Other than that, Emma fit right in with the team. She went mostly everywhere with them and was saying Hola to everyone she met. One time, during a team meeting one of the leaders asked the team what they think Satan is doing to stop them from being effective. To my surprise, Emma put up her hand and said that maybe he was trying to make us not care for the kids in Costa Rica, I was a proud dad.

Thanks to you who prayed for us and the trip. None of us got sick and Amy and Abby had a great time helping out her mom and dad with stuff back on the farm.

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  1. Lynette says:

    I love Emma and Phil!


  2. trevor says:

    So awesome that you could share that with Emma!

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