Lately I have been using the AeroPress a lot to make coffee. It is pretty much the best espresso maker out there for the commoner who can’t afford to purchase a $700 machine from Starbucks. So, for your viewing enjoyment Emma, my 6 year old, filmed the process. It’s a bit shaky, but this up an coming camera operator does pretty good for being 6.

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4 comments so far on “AeroPress

  1. Lars Rood says:

    Pretty cool man. I’ve never seen anyone make coffee with a Penis pump. Good thing you had one lying around the house.

  2. trevor says:

    I can’t type…I’m still laughing about the penis pump comment

  3. ben parsons says:

    shit. i miss you guys.

  4. ben parsons says:

    oops. was that profanity? that doesn’t count as profanity in birch hills right?

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