shirt.jpgI was trying to think of way’s to get more traffic on this site and then I found this on Dan Kimball’s site. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. I actually have found myself humming and singing it all day.

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9 comments so far on “Jesus is my friend

  1. .justin says:

    dude. that is incredible.
    i love the second verse where he said that he can still play rock n roll.

  2. Lars Rood says:

    I can’t believe it. I just put this up on my blog and then saw it on yours. Funny I didn’t see it on Dan’s site. THey were playing it in the office next door getting ready for a retreat.

  3. ben parsons says:

    i think this baby’s going viral. it’s gotten 30,000 plays in about 20 hours. i posted it on my page too! thanks buddy. the funny thing is that this guy from dodgeball emailed me a link to it the day before you did. i guess it’s cause the music is so damn catchy.

  4. joanna says:

    only after my kids danced and clapped to this and asked me to play it twice, did I realize that after the line about the mountie and Jesus zapping you anyway he can, he actually says “zap.”

  5. djdread says:

    Umm, can anyone say… remix?!!

  6. wayne says:

    That is the worst thing that I have ever heard! EVER!! No wonder people don’t want to go to church…

  7. Clayre says:

    haha PLEASE go to my dad’s blog! he found some pretty funny videos like this, including a choreographed dance! check it out!

  8. funks says:

    it makes me laugh how much this video seems to be getting around as late. i have two other friends that have it on their blog as well. and i agree with you, it gets stuck in your head…i actually had a hard time falling asleep the night i watched it because it just kept playing over and over again in my brain.

    hope you are doing well sir. and i will be in seattle in less that a month for a day. i would love to see you if you are free.

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