Here is another great video that draws me to a place of peace and joy and happiness in Jesus. Thanks for showing it to me Bibsby.

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4 comments so far on “Thanks Bigsby

  1. Mary says:

    Fantastic! I just posted this on my facebook-

  2. Clayre says:

    That song gets stuck in my head all the time! haha My dad is starting to think the whole Sonseed video is a hoax, but he checked out this church and well, it’s legit! CRAZY! We need more dancing! haha

  3. tim a says:

    Yo DJ Truth, bring the beat back!

    Salt-n-salt in the house.

  4. djdread says:

    Umm… I am embarrassed for them. Maybe I am an embarrassment intercessor? Would that be an embarrasscessor I wonder?

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