photo-168.jpgThis is what it said on the letter that Homeland Security sent me yesterday along with my spanking new, non green green card. Yes, that’s right, Amy and I are now legal residents of the United States Of America. No more going into the visitor line for immigration. No more secondary where they have to ask me all those probing questions and make non verbal threats that they could send me away from the USA for the rest of my life if they wanted to. Now, it is me hanging out with all the other legal residents and citizens in their line with no worries or stress. I do think that their line is longer though so that will be a problem.

Amy and I have been looking to this day for the last 5+ years when we started the process of becoming permanent in the USA. We have spent many, many dollars (thanks to those of you who gave), said many many prayers and read through pages and pages of documents, forms and regulations. It is an exciting day for us to be sure.

Why did we want to become residents of the USA? Well there are a few reasons. First, our children are American, so we want to make things as easy as possible for them. Second, we love this country. I know the USA is not perfect, but we feel drawn here, we call it our home. Our jobs with YWAM are here and so are many of our friends who we also consider family. Finally, to be totally honest, I like Trader Joes, we don’t have that in Canada.

Thanks to you who have prayed and stood by us in this for the last 5+ years. Thanks to the churches who gave for this (Mountain View, Shekinah, WEFC, First Baptist) and the individuals (Loren and Kristen and Glen and Verna). Thanks to you Jesus for your provision and your faithfulness. Thank you Matthew Spaulding, the greatest immigration lawyer of all time. I feel like I just won an award. Amy and I are very grateful and just wanted to share.


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7 comments so far on “we proudly welcome you to the USA

  1. Trevor says:

    Don’t you live in Saskatchewan?! That’s in Canada, right?

    Actually…I mean…congratulations! I hope that you enjoy your Americanness. Hey, did you know that us Canadian’s live in igloos and drive to work on Dog Sleds?

  2. Blake says:

    Traders Joes. I freakin love that place.

  3. carly says:

    don’t forget target….or as the french say….tarjay. i don’t think you have those in canadia either.
    congrats, my friend! yay!!

  4. Shannon says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I’m sure Trader Joe’s is happy to have such a loyal customer : )

  5. Clayre says:

    congratulations! I am so happy for you and amy!!

  6. djdread says:


    I am so stoked for you!… can you get me some of those chocolate-covered, peanut butter pretzels???

  7. Johnny says:

    Finally Emma and Abby, two cute little american girls are reunited with their biological parents from abroad.
    Anyway: Congratulations!
    I’ve never heard of Trader Joe’s but somewhere in my heart I feel it must be a beautiful place.
    When will I see you again. Really, when?

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