newmedia1.jpgThe other day I was in one of the cafe’s in town talking to Jenny, the owner. I am going to do a post on her and her business in a little bit. Anyway, we were talking about what it would look like to start a church in her cafe. There are plenty of churches here in Birch Hills, but when I walk into them I feel like I am stepping back into time. The people are nice and all, but the service is the same service that I have been attending my whole Christian walk.

We got talking about doing things in the church with excellence. Jenny is an excellent cook and baker, we talked about hosting church in a place that is already doing something great and bringing God into it, like her cafe as opposed to bringing something mediocre into the place you are meeting just to be edgy. Does that make sense?

Anyway, It reminded me of when I was in Iowa four years ago visiting my friend John. I went to this cafe cause I had some time to kill and was drinking good coffee and reading my bible. The barista asked me if I was a Christian and I said yes. She then told me that she was a Christian too, in fact, everyone who worked at the cafe, including the owner were Christians. I added that they also have good coffee there, because if you didn’t have good coffee who cares what you believe, cause no one is coming into your cafe.

This came up again tonight when reading The New Media Frontier.  They are talking about the new media among Christians. Here is a paragraph that cased me to post.  We do not need Christian new media but Christians in new media. That is easy to say but much harder to do. If Christians form a ghetto in communication, then quality and impact will suffer. Christian new media will have the impact of Christian television. –John Mark Reynolds.

My hope and prayer with this is that as Christians we would do things with excellence, not just play catch up or try to do the same as everyone else, whatever field you are in. I  pray that you and I can make a difference, that we can see people stand up and notice our excellence weather it be in how hard we work, or what we create and that it would turn them not to us, but to Jesus.

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  1. Phil!

    What is Jenny’s last name? Could it be Enns? Jenny Enns was a friend of mine in the Hills that I’ve lost touch with. I never dreamed they still lived in B.H.


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