img_0777.JPGI have known Johnny for approx. 9 months now and he has been a huge blessing to my life. We met when Amy took her photo school in Hawaii as he and his family were our next door neighbors. Johnny and I would sit on his Lana’i and listen to Scandinavian scream core and eat pop corn, ice cream and drink pop as we played on our Mac’s and talked. Johnny is working with the YWAM base in Bertigny Switzerland with the Woman and Childrens Advocacy Center. He is a photographer a friend and a family man.

Recently Johnny went to Ethiopia and did a photo story on some of the needs there. I recieved it today and thought you would want to check it out. If you want to follow Johnny you can check his blog out here. Maybe this will get you to write more friend, I love what you have to say. Here’s hoping gold dust falls.

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