I have spent the last week in Winnipeg, the place I grew up. We have been helping some family move so I have been without internet, sad but freeing. I spoke today on the Winnipeg DTS and will be with them for the next 4 day’s speaking on justice and purpose. I love being in this city, although the cold is starting to come. I also love being a part of ministry in this city, I am am psyched about Jamie and the YWAMers here’s passion for justice.I will write more later about my time here, when I get on line with my MacBook, and am going to post on giant sculptures that are in small towns across western Canada, good times. By the way, today is Canadian thanksgiving, I had two complete meals and found out that triptipan does not make you sleepy. 

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  1. mike says:

    Hello Rockstar-
    Glad you are back enjoying the peg. Its sunny here in seattle. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Will you celebrate the american one too?

  2. Trevor says:

    It’s good to have you home man!

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