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map_satellite.jpgSo I am currently back in school. I am attending a one week modular class on Organizational Behavior (what people do and how their behavior effects the organizations performance).  The class is held at Briercrest Bible College in Southern Saskatchewan.

I attended high school here in 1987 and Bible College from 90-92 and 94. It is so weird to be back here. In 87 I was suspended for being an ass and in Bible College I was let back on conditional return and I graduated with an AA in Biblical studies with a 1.9 GPA. How I graduated with that low of a GPA is a mystery.

For the last 14 years since leaving this school I have been involved in full time ministry with YWAM. It is interesting coming back into it with new perspective. The perspective of not being a punk kid right out of high school, looking for a girl friend and a good time, not necessarily but not limited to the girl friend, haha. I am now in it as a married man of 10 years with 2 beautiful children. I am also in it because the class I am taking directly benefits my work with Mission Adventures and YWAM.

Today as I walked through the halls and smelled the same smells and saw the same sights as 14 years ago. I thanked Jesus for where he has taken me and for the opportunities, friends, and experience He has given. I appreciate this week that I can take to study, but I even more appreciate the life that I have been blessed with, and worked hard for.

In closing, take a moment and reflect back on where you came from and thank God for where you are at now, even if where you came from is a positive experience. It is good to move and good to change.

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  1. Lars Rood says:

    Philter- Great post. Funny to think what God has done in the years since you left Canada. Funny too as you think about being back there. I know God has used that time for great things in your life. School is cool but it’s just another thing. When we finish being in this world what do we want to leave behind. Let’s leave great kids who love the Lord and never questioned that we loved them. Let’s leave with integrity knowing that we did what God required and followed him. Let’s leave knowing we gave it all, went to every show, followed every dream and loved in the midst of it.

    I say Yea to Canada and all that it produces. Have fun at class I got a little passionate.

  2. Brandon says:

    I had a similar expeience this past summer. I took Cam (my 4-year-old) to my old highschool’s field to toss around the football (his idea). I had time to reflect on what I was like back when I was playing football on that field as part of the team – back when I thought my life revolved around wins and losses. I marveled at the blessings God has brought into my life – espeically my wife and kids. I wondered at my own lack of vision, and still do. My imagination for my own life falls well short of what God has planned!

    P.S. – You’re still a punk! Just a punk who loves Jesus.

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  4. Trevor says:

    You were an ass?! Shocking! It is interesting though to think back about how life has changed. I was a high school drop out for crying out loud, now I am so succe…well now I am a really goo…well, OK, I love Jesus.

  5. phil says:

    Thanks for the comments boy’s. My favorite is that I was an ass, but I love Jesus.

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