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“Some of the people we spoke with said they were very hungry, had not eaten any food and did not know where they were going,” said Michael Arunga, World Vision’s emergency communications manager. “Most said they had lost all their property, leaving it behind when fleeing from the fighting.” From World Vision on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda says he is fighting to protect his Tutsi community from attack by Rwandan Hutu rebels, some of whom are accused of taking part in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The latest news reports that there are approx. 250,000 displaced people as a result of this. My prayer this morning and through this time is for peace. My prayer is for protection of women and children. It is for a ceasefire and a respect for humanity.

Please take some time today and read on what is going on and ask Jesus to help and if there is anything you or I can do ask what that is as well. For more visit here.

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