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greek.jpgIn the winter of 1998 my friend Wayne and I went down to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles to try and hear LIVE perform on their Throwing Copper tour. I remember we went down there with no hopes of getting in whatsoever. The experience that I had at the U2 show years before was in my mind a single experience that could not be a regular occurrence.


We arrived down at the Greek Theater about 1 hour before LIVE came on and watched as people filed into the venue. I remember at one point looking to Wayne and telling him that I needed to poo. Sorry, this is where it get’s a little bizarre. I looked at Wayne and told him that I needed to go now, but there was no public bathroom within miles. The closest one was at the Griffith Park Observatory, where James Dean shot his famous Rebel Without A Cause movie.


So, in a state of desperation and not wanting to miss hearing a second of the show I ran behind the theater to take care of business. I am not sure at what point I realized that I had no paper with me but I didn’t. I quickly went back to my tree planting day’s of working in the bush and minutes later I emerged from behind the theater without any sleeves on my t-shirt. Wayne just stared in disbelief and confusion. OK, let’s get back to the show.


As we were walking to the front doors I remember one of us looked to the ground and found a ticket. We picked it up, saw that it was authentic and stood in a state of excitement and wonder of which one of us would get to see the show. A minute later we saw a couple of guy’s who looked like they worked a radio station talking about their tickets. We asked if they would trade our one ticket for two of theirs.They looked at us and without hesitation traded  with us. Funny enough, the tickets they gave us were better seats than the one ticket we gave to them. So off we went into the Greek Theater to see LIVE. After sitting for about 10 minutes they came on and performed an amazing set, and not just because it was free.


To this day Wayne swears that LIVE played with Rage Against The Machine that night in 1998, but I can’t remember nor can I find it anywhere on the net. If you know where to look for that I would love to find out. On that note, have a great night and I’ll see you back here next week.



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6 comments so far on “Saturday evening at the concert hall part 2

  1. Trevor says:

    The ultimate 2 for 1 deal! That is awesome. Pooing in the bush in L.A. now that is a real rock n’ roll movement.

  2. Graham says:

    The world be be a better place if we all lived with a planter mentality…plus everyone would have sleeveless shirts

  3. Chris says:

    My very first emergency poo in the woods I was uneducated about what to wipe with. I had to pull over out in the middle of nowhere for a poo so I went to a little grouping of trees and did my deal. Then I didn’t know what to wipe with. So I went back to the car and looked in the trunk…the only thing there was my Grandmother’s Easter Egg blue polyester dress. So I squished back to the trees and wiped poo all over my Grandmother’s dress. Then PUT IT BACK IN THE TRUNK!!!!! Thinking I would throw it away later. Well, I was visiting my sister in Michigan at the time and wouldn’t you know, I forgot about the dress! Until my Sister commented on my car smelling bad. Inwardly I cursed my stupidity and resolved to take care of the dress as soon as possible. I forgot again. Then my sister opened my trunk without me knowing it and FOUND THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to live it down. Live and learn.

  4. joanna says:

    this is hilarious. the blog, chris’s story (and chris, you already had the best poo story I had ever heard – i need the sheet) but this is pretty good too.

    i’m not sharing any of mine here though, just saying you guys are funny.

  5. djdread says:

    Umm, I really want to post my own hilarious poo comment here, but I am still laughing too hard from Chris’ story about Grandma’s blue dress…

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