house.jpgTonight I don’t want to tell my story, but the story of my friend John Stark. John and I were working together with YWAM in LA back in 96. I remember when we found out that the Tragically Hip were going to be playing at the House Of Blues. The Hip were and still are a huge Canadian band. One of those bands who sell out arena’s in under an hour in Canada, but will play a small gig like the House Of Blues in the states.

We bought our tickets way in advance and waited in anticipation for this show. I remember driving to the gig just feeling giddy and totally excited and overwhelmed that we were about to witness one of the greatest shows of our lives. We got to the venue and as we were walking in they asked to see our identification. Well, John was only 20 at the time and since the show was at a bar the age of admittance was 21. Total let down.

So, John finding out that he couldn’t get into the show turned around and sold his ticket for $5 more than he originally bought it for and told us that he was just going to walk around Sunset Blvd. while we went to the show. We went in and caught the opening band and John bought a cigar, walked over to the Viper Room and waited.

The whole time during the opening band I couldn’t stop thinking about John. If you know anything about me you know that I am a feeler and can’t stand to see someone hurting. I would much rather take their hurt than have them go through it. This is a great thing, but can also be a horrible thing. This night, it was a bad thing as I wasn’t enjoying my time at all.

Finally the Hip came on stage. For some reason, during the 1st song I went outside to see if I could find John. I saw him as soon as I left the doors and told him I was bummed that he couldn’t get in. I guess the bouncer who told him he was under age heard us talking and walked over to us. He looked at John and said “I am going to let you in, but if I see you drinking you will be kicked out immediately.” To our shock and amazement we walked inside, saw the Hip and had the night of our lives.

My stories so far, and the stories that I will write each Saturday are amazing, but I don’t think anything will compare to the feeling we had as we walked into the House Of Blues during the second song of the night. Thank you very much House Of Blues guy, you made it for us.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Great stories, everytime! I’m loving it Phil, but when are you and I going to build some memories like that?

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