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gnr.jpgI remember the night like it was yesterday. Jimmy Fallon from SNL stood on stage at the MTV music awards and announced the next band. With excitement in his voice and a stillness in the air he called Axl Rose and Guns and Roses to the stage. The last time anyone had ever heard from GNR was approx. 5 years earlier with their Use Your Illusion double album. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it. Everything inside of me was going crazy. Even though Axl sucked on stage that night it didn’t matter, GNR was back.

2 months later on Nov. 9, 2002 I was at the Tacoma dome in Tacoma Washington attempting to scalp into my 4th concert, Guns and Roses. I, with no pride at all started asking people for tickets. I warned people that I had no money, I just wanted to see GNR. To my amazement,  someone gave me a ticket, I still didn’t think free tickets was the norm for me. I ran to the gate with my ticket and was denied. The ticked had already been scanned and there was no re-entry. This happened 2 more times before I struck gold.

As the night was rolling on and the concert was already 1/2 hour in a guy walked past me with his girlfriend and gave me a ticket. He was rushing into the show so I figured his ticket was for real. When I got to the gate they scanned the ticket and welcomed me in. Fortunately it was a GNR show so even though by now I was 45 minutes late they still hadn’t shown up.

Approx. 1 hour later Axl came on stage and gave one of the worst performances I had ever seen. He looked tired, fat and left the stage after every song for an oxygen hit. To add to the horribleness of it, his guitarist was Bucket head. I remember that I left the show early. I had seen GNR and the hype was amazing, but it was over after the 1st hour. I drove home with excitement and broken dreams, but in the end I got in free to GNR while approx. 10,000 other suckers payed for it. If you are the dude who gave me the ticket, you are not a sucker, you are a good, good man. Thanks.

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