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pilsner.jpgTonight, Thanksgiving night I sat for an hour and a half with Bob (60+), Cecil (55+) and Villi (41) around Bobs table reading through the Daily Bread. Bob has been following Jesus for a while, Villy and I have been following Jesus for years and Cecil just met Jesus for the 1st time last week. Villy has been meeting with Bob for years now and this week he asked me to come to their group.


As I sat around the table I was amazed and totally overwhelmed. Cecil had no idea about anything. He didn’t know that the v  before the verses in the Bible meant verse. He wondered why our bibles were all worded differently. He said, I know God is good and that He is faithful, but what about all the bad things in the world? He prayed for the first time since knowing Jesus and it was one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. He just talked and thanked Jesus for his life and health.


It has been a long time since I have been with such a new Christian. The innocence, the questions and the newness of it were almost to much for me. I found myself tearing up a few times as I watched this man stepping into relationship with Jesus. I was also filled with frustration and hurt at how hard we have made it. How religious we have become and how full of our own culture and rules that we are that we don’t even see Jesus as He truly is anymore.


I talked with Cecil and encouraged him to always come to Jesus as he is, not how other Christians come to him, veteran Christians. Jesus saved his life out of who Jesus us, not because He wanted Cecil to change who he was. I pray for Cecil that he would walk in the innocence and excitement of Jesus. I pray that he would get excited about all the little things that I tend to miss since I am calloused and have been trained to be a certain type of Christian.


I am excited to go back next Thursday to our little bible study of four that meets around a table shadowed by a beer fridge in Bob’s messy, but welcoming home. I need this new life that Cecil has to bring fresh life into mine.


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4 comments so far on “Thanksgiving at Bobs

  1. Crystal Gingras says:

    WoW! That is a powerful story! I will pray for your friend, I know how daunting it can feel being a new Christian and its not always fun, most of the time it is however!!! YaY Jesus!

  2. ann says:

    Hi Phil, I am so glad you have found others to meet with and talk about our best friend JESUS.Its great to hear about Cecils new relationship with his new friendJesus, I love you, mum

  3. Clayre says:

    awesome post! this reminds me, I had the pleasure of entering your house one thanksgiving. It was delightful and one of my more meaningful Thanksgiving experiences because I was away from family for the first time, and your family opened the doors and let me in. I didn’t do anything to help either. Sorry about that. You are a great person Phil! Wishing you and yours a great holiday!

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