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eddie1.jpgI feel weird and even scared to continue writing about my story. It is difficult, yet I know that it was something that I felt released from God to write about. I think that if I were to put everything I am going through and feeling into four words they would be “I miss you dad.”

With Christmas approaching things are coming up a lot. I used to be excited about Christmas. Excited about food, Pepperidge Farms to be exact, getting a tree, going home to Winnipeg and being with family. Things are different now. I kinda see Christmas as a difficult time. A time where something is missing and not right. Going home is just not the same, as many of you reading from divorced homes can attest to.

A weird thing happened today on Facebook. I got a message today from a guy I have never met named Greg. Greg went to George Fox with my good friend Lars and lives in Winnipeg. He told me in his message about a man, his wife, and young daughter who started attending his church this fall. He wrote that this man has spoken very highly several times about his son who works with YWAM. He told me that he realized today that the son is me and the man is my dad. This is crazy. I need to write you back Greg, I am just still a bit overwealmed by the smallness of the world. Thank you for sending that message Greg.

I know that God is working in my dad and doing great things. I know that he is working in me and doing great things. I know that he is working in my mom and my family and also doing great things. I will continue to post, and continue to process where things are in my life and with my family. I am so glad that it is not only being used to help me process, but others as well.



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4 comments so far on “My story part 6

  1. Blake says:

    “I know that God is working in my dad and doing great things.”

    And we all testify that God is working in you and doing great things. Your faithfulness to God and compassion towards others would give any dad plenty to brag about.


  2. Clayre says:

    Wow Phil, I cannot tell you how encouraged I am by your perspective. I know it’s a hard thing in your life and you are honest about that, but you also display a trust in God that is so moving. I got chills reading this post.

    PS thanks for putting that advent conspirace video up. Ive been sharing it with everyone.

  3. pat nam says:

    hey phil. how are you? tell me more about san diego.


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