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img_0429.JPGFor the last few months I have been living in a small town in Saskatchewan called Birch Hills. I find it interesting that in the Mission Organization that I am apart of we go to small towns all over the world to do projects, evangelism and mercy ministry (which I also consider evangelism), but we are not attracted at all to small town USA or Canada. I thought it would be interesting to post a series of podcasts on small town Canada, specifically the one I will be living in till Aug. So, here for your listening enjoyment is podcast #1 on The New Ground Cafe.

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10 comments so far on “podcasts on small town Saskatchewan Pt. 1

  1. .justin says:

    i will listen now.
    living and doing ministry in a small town, i am dripping with anticipation.

    thanks phil.

  2. .justin says:


    in the background, she is playing “maui hawaiian superman” by israel kamakawio’ole.

    holy crap.

    that’s an obscure song from my childhood.
    and there it is, playing in the canadia tundra.

    and yes, i’m googling birch hills, sk and perusing

    is this where you’re from phil?
    is this your hometown?
    why are you there now?

  3. Chris says:

    Good stuff Phil, I dug it. A very natural interview. You might find some inspiration at

    I will listen to more. Aren’t Macbooks great!

  4. phil says:

    Yea Justin, that is great that you recognized israel kamakawio’ole. The CD was on the table when we were talking. I didn’t grow up in this town, Amy did though. We are there during this transition with YWAM. We left Seattle and are headed to San Diego to work with Mission Adventures there. We figured it is a good time to connect the kids with family and even Canadian Culture. So, we are there till Emma finishes 1st grade then off.

  5. nic says:

    Great work Fil, I want to hear more

  6. will says:

    hey one of our old dts students Lauren Mctaggert is from there. Anyway. Hope your doing good.


  7. phil says:

    yea i remember meeting her, she seemed cool.

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  9. funks says:


    i’m glad to hear you doing this. it gives me one more way to connect with the things that you are always involving yourself in and that i always enjoy hearing more about. i guess i could just listen to the podcast again, but maybe you know off the top of your head, what is the fair trade brand of coffee that jenny sells in her shop? you know i’m one who is always down for some new coffee in my life.

    i look forward to the next one. have a blessed beginning of your year and do your best to stay warm.


  10. .justin says:

    to be honest with you, i’m desperately waiting for pt. 2.

    don’t tease me by calling it pt. 1 if there is no pt. 2.

    that would be some cruel and unusual punishment.

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