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amy_bw9_blurred-motion.jpgI have been thinking a bit now about 2009 and all that comes with bringing in the new year. For many years I have made or vowed not to make new years resolutions. Resolutions that I would inevitably break because they were unrealistic or impossible to attain to.  I have been thinking and considering what to do this year, and even if I should do anything.

 What I have come up with is that I want to spend this next year, and the rest of my life getting into good and healthy rhythm’s. Rhythm’s in my eating, exercise, reading, study, family, work, rest, networking, mission, etc. I don’t want to just pick one thing and say “i am going to do this more this year, or I am going to stop doing that this year. I just don’t think that is the answer, or even the best way to live.

 I have been reading ReJesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch and they are talking allot about becoming Little Jesus(es). They describe becoming a little Jesus as something more than just accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, but as a lifestyle of emulating Him, using his life as a pattern for your own. This is what I want to see happen this next year. I don’t want to just stop doing one thing or start doing another, but i want my life to look, in every aspect like Jesus’s. If I didn’t want or strive for this then why would I bother following this man?

This is my new years hope, my life’s hope. I have been striving for this for a long time and will continue to strive for it till Jesus takes me home, or till I lose my mine. One person that I see doing this well and am inspired by is Mark Scandrette author of Soul Graffiti. If you have never read Marks book and are aspiring to walk in the way’s of Jesus I encourage you pick it up. The Bible is a real great book in this too, especially since we are aspiring to walk as Jesus.

Anyway, regardless of your plans, hopes and aspirations for 2009 I wish you a happy new year and remember, don’t be an angry drunk, or a drunk in general.

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  2. David Kendall says:

    It’s admirable that you are wanting to get into “good and healthy rhythm’s [sic]”, maybe make a second resolution to use apostrophes correctly to ensure you don’t become the victim of my wrath? :) :)

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