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picture-1.pngOne of the main reasons for these Justice Friday posts is to bring awareness to us about justice issues and also to give opportunity to bring change to those needs. My hope this year is that through these posts and though my life we would see new initiatives started to come against injustice and we would see more people aware and passionate about justice issues. I will continue to post each Friday here and also on the Do Justice Facebook page.

I was sitting on my mom’s couch this morning, we are visiting for Christmas, and reading through a humanitarian magazine I subscribe to called NEED. I have posted on NEED before, but I want to recommend to you that if you interested in justice issues and those who bring change please subscribe to this magazine.

 NEED magazines tag line is “We are not out to save the world but to tell the stories of those who are.” NEED magazine creates exposure for humanitarian aid via an educational, artistic, visual narrative of human stories, both around the world and domestically. This exposure offers an innovative and dynamic approach to building awareness and increasing support for relief organizations and Humanitarian Aid. It is essential to note that NEED Magazine does not have a political agenda.

Each issue of NEED contains nine constant departments with a balance between triumph, tragedy and hope. Thos nine departments are:

One: you can make a difference even though you are only one

Home: this draws attention to situations around the home

Kids: looks at issues affecting kids

Work: Includes child labor, sexual slavery and war

Health: projects that improve the phisical well being

Generosity: stories of philanthropic activitues of people

Future: highlights projects that are an investment in future

Cooperation: projects with multiple parties working together

Dialogue: a conversation with someone working with humanitarian issues

Reading this magazine inspires and encourages me. It tells stories or regular people like you and me who bring change to things that are unjust in the world out of their passion. It inspires me to pray more, do more, read more, act more and love more. I want to do things that inspire people to want to tell my story. I want to see the captive free, and the voiceless get their voice back.  This is my heart and also the heart of Jesus. Matthew 12:18 “Here is my servant whom I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations.”

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  1. Dave Irish says:

    It would be interesting to read some thoughts from within America on the situation in Gaza at the moment. Surely at the moment there is a need for true justice. While so many ‘christians’ and ‘christian nations’ stand by and either are indifferent or are actively encouraging it, hundreds of innocent people are being killed.

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