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justice.jpgI really want these Justice Friday posts to be an encouragement to the church and to all who read that there is a need out there and we are called to meet that need, not just sit around and hope that someone else will do it ie. Jesus or the guy/girl in government. It is a privileged that we can Do Justice. A couple of day’s ago I got an email from Todd, a good friend and pastor of a church in Northern Virginia. His church is making awareness of justice issues and helping people get involved on a practical level. Here is the email that Todd sent me this week.

“Recently we began a shift in our church culture. We are trying our best in the Northern Virginia area to become a stronger community. One of the ways we are doing this is that we remodeled our front lobby to make it a place where community will happen, along with a Saturday night service we are calling “think”.

We’ve started a deliberate attempt to help those that come here (Saturday, Sunday and through the week) to become more aware of the needs in the world and our community. We’ve created an awareness board we are calling “think outside the cup” where each month we feature one of our missionaries and a NEED of injustice we want to focus on. The board will briefly educate people on what the missionary or injustice cause is and how to help directly. We are also asking for money through coffee sales that we will put towards both featured groups. All the proceeds from the coffee area will be divided each month between the two and sent with a letter of encouragement. The greater fruit we hope to see is people getting engaged and activated to do something for the kingdom of God, through prayer, finances and involvement. We are going to put NEED magazine on display and will use it for inspiration and awareness.

Justice issues are hidden sometimes in the local church, we hope through this simple and deliberate effort we as a church can become a community that voices the love of Christ through action and involvement.”


 Todd and I met in the summer of 2007 in LA. We were a part of a YWAM Mission Adventures trip to Tijuana, MX. It has been great to continue relationship with Todd, I am encouraged by him and his heart that continues to grow and refuses to become stagnent. If you wanto to get a hold of Todd, or ask him any questions about what they are doing and how it came about you can contact him here and here.

Thanks for you time as always and have a great Friday.


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