jesus.jpgLast week I read Wholly Jesus by Mark Foreman. I want to thank Ampelon Publishing for sending me the book, you guy’s rule. As per usual, I just want to write some portions of the book that helped me and gave me a greater understanding of Jesus and how my life should look as a follower of him.

Talking of a current western view of salvation. “But sadly, for many Jesus never makes it out of their hearts. He stays inside while the person passively waits for heaven” Pg. 38

Speaking of relationship. “Ultimately, without intimacy with God and others, I cannot become who I am supposed to be- I cannot become whole.” Pg. 64

Regarding living our lives with Jesus. ” Automatism is a unspoken heresy built on the misunderstanding of grace. It is the belief that if I sit passively in church, read my Bible for 10 minutes a day and pray at meals, Jesus wil automatically change me. It’s his move, not mine. I want to change, but I can’t until he changes me. Anything beyond this is my effort, which is work and violates Paul’s teaching on grace. I do nothing, Christ does everything.” Pg. 141

Regarding all of life involved with Jesus. “Kingdom believers celebrate the forgiveness of our sins and live an increasingly transformed character. In addition, we pray for the sick, feed the poor, speak out about injustice, protect the planet and promise hope for the future.” Pg. 208

I enjoyed this book. It challenged me, made me think and excited me about my faith and the responsibility I have to encourage others in their faith. Christianity is not just about believing in Jesus and waiting for heaven, it is about living our lives out of Christs love for us and them. I encourage you to check out this book, it get’s a thumbs up from me.

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  1. David Kendall says:

    How’d you swing a free copy?

  2. phil says:

    Hey David Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I found months of comments in my junk folder, so hence I didn’t see them till now. Along with tons of other comments. It is funny, I was thinking no one comments anymore, yet all the time there were there awaiting moderation between the Viagra and penis enlargement spam. Thanks so much for your thoughts and input, it really means a lot and I will keep going on it. You rule. Please keep on reading and commenting, it means a lot. Sorry again for not seeing them till now.

    By the way, i got a free copy by asking.

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