charlie-and-betty_2.jpgI have not written in some time, well since Justice Friday in fact. This past week has been hectic and crazy. Here is an update.

One of the reasons that we moved to Canada for the year was to be close to family. We have lived away from Canada since 1998 and felt strongly that we were supposed to return for this year. A big part of that was to spend time with Betty, Amy’s Granny. Amy and her Granny are very close and have an amazing connection together. It was important for Amy to be close to Granny for longer than just two weeks out of the year and we also wanted her to get to know her great grandchildren, Emma and Abby.

It has been a rich time these last 6 months with Granny, but on Thursday at approximately 11pm Granny passed away. We have had a couple of family gatherings over the last 2 day’s and there is more to come, culminating with the funeral on Tuesday. Please keep the family in your prayers.

Since Granny’s passing I have been thinking about the timing of everything. Of all the years for us to come home God lead us to this one. For Amy to be away from  Granny when she passed away would have been devastating to her.  It’s like Jesus knew exactly what He was doing. I wonder what would have happened if we didn’t listen to Him? We didn’t know why we were to come home, but we felt that it was important and we felt that it was to be during this time. I am glad we listened.

I am encouraged and challenged to continue to live in this way, the way of obedience to Jesus, regardless of if His call makes sense or not. I pray that it would be a regular part of your life as well. It is what He asks of us, total surrender and obedience to him. This year has been a blessing and we are grateful for the time that we have had with Granny. Above is a picture of Granny at a tea and one at Emma’s baptism. Also a candle to remind her that she is not forgotten.
Today the girls and I drove to Winnipeg, 500 miles. The girls are here for 10 day’s, but in that Amy and I will go to San Diego to meet with the YWAMers we will be working with this summer. We will be there for 5 day’s starting tomorrow. We hope you are doing well and we will catch ya on Friday.

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  1. the best says:

    wait a minute!?!? you’re in winnipeg…again? um, hang out?
    ps, i’m so very sorry to hear about amy’s granny. that is hard. i hope you guys have been doing well and feeling loved and cared for during this time.


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