withjusticeforall.jpgNo, not Metallica, that’s And Justice For All, and a great album as well. Today we are talking about the book With Justice For All by John Perkins. Before I give my review I want to thank Regal Publishing for sending the book, you guy’s are great and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

The book focuses mostly on the poor and on racial reconciliation. The three R’s that John pushes throughout the book are Relocation, Reconciliation and Redistribution. Here are a few quotes in the book that changned and challenged me.

Pg. 11 “Poverty is much more than a lack of money, it’s a lack of options”

Pg. 48 “So if you haven’t heard the message, if you haven’t heard that call, don’t go! Don’t move, don’t run, don’t go in to the community, don’t go into the ghetto, don’t go anywhere unless you have a clear call of God. But if you have heard God’s call, run!”

Pg. 64 “The natural man is more aware of his natural needs, not his spiritual needs, so that is where we had to meet him.” Talking about reaching people where they are at.

Pg.  75 “Leadership developement is the kdy to the continuation and growth of a ministry…I am convinced that the key to bearing lasting fruit is not in developing programs but in developing people- leaders. I believe that developing creative leaders is both the most essential and the most difficult part of community developement. It was the heart of Jesus’ strategy. It must be the center of our stragety too.”

Pg. 145. “It’s tempting for us to start out with a list of things to do. But that is not how the work of reconciliation begins. Before we can do the work of God, we must be the people of God- the believing fellowship, the Body of Christ. We cannot achieve Christ’s mission each working alone’ we must work as a Body, each one exercising his spiritual gifts as a part of the whole.”

Pg. 166 “Our redistribution must involve us- our time, our energy, our gifts and our skills. If we are sharing ourselves, sharing our money will follow naturally.” Talking about how to give back to other, to share of who we are.”

Pg. 192 “Justice cannot be achieved by long distance.”

This is a great book, very challenging, lots of enticing stories and beautiful testimonies. This book gave me hope and got me excited to keep going in the direction of doing justice.

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