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picture-1.pngI have followed and been inspired by the Invisible Children for a few years now, ever since their first movie was released. As Mission Adventures we covered, prayed for, made awareness of what they were doing. I still talk about them as 3 young dudes who cared enough about something that they took action. Some people have negative things to say about this movement, but I see hope in it. Not just hope for N. Uganda, but hope for me, hope for young people. Hope that you can see change if you work at it. Hope that God is working for us if we are pursuing the things that he is passionate about, Justice.

I am linking you to the new video and initiative that Invisible Children is doing. It is 30 min. long, but please take some time and watch. Be inspired, let yourself be moved and effected. Pray and do something. If you have known anything about the Displacement event that they put on or the Global Night Commute then you will be interested in this. I am sure there will be more to post in the near future. Thanks for your time, I now hand you over to The Invisible Children.

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2 comments so far on “Justice Friday- Invisible Children

  1. Andy Ortega says:

    Isn’t it so inspiring to see what God can do if we just listen and obey? I mean IC has become a globally acknowledged movement. We are called to be world changers and if we just step out in faith and obedience that is exactly what each one of us will be!

  2. phil says:

    True Andy, totally inspiring bro. Good to here from ya bro.

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