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busy.jpgMy life is extremely seasonal. Well not my life, but my work.  This season, going into spring is where the busy part of my year begins. The rest of the year is spent dreading and anticipating this part of the year, and now I am in it. There are times in my life when I want to speed up time, and there are other times where I want time to stop, unfortunately I want time to speed up when I am in a slow season and I want time to stop now, there is no winning in this at all. Arrrg. This explains why I haven’t posted in a week, I actually haven’t even thought of it until now.

I was talking to Amy tonight about this time, which is filled with setting up trips for the summer, preparation for  teaching on Mission Adventures programs and preparing and leading an urban Mission Adventures team of 52 in San Diego in 2 weeks. I am feeling very overwhelmed and also extremely excited to be doing what I love and what I am good at. This past week I did a strengthfinders test. My top strengths are Empathy, Developer, Connectedness, Adaptability and Maximizer. It has been rare that I have had the opportunity to use these strengths this year to the extent that I would like, but going into this season I will be able to use them extensively as I am privileged to work with students, YWAM staff and youth workers.

I am not sure if you are like me, but when I look at the plate that is before me I get extremely anxious and nervous that I am going to drop it all and that I can’t do it. It is only when I discipline myself, get time with God and put my head down and press in that I feel my anxiousness turn into excitement, anticipation and expectancy.

If you are reading this I am asking that you please remember me in your prayers during these next few months. I need prayer for my heart to be pure and my mind to be synced with the mind of Jesus. I also need prayer to be sensitive to my families needs as I am traveling a lot (very difficult for me to do) and when I am not traveling I want to be working on the next thing, it can be a little to consuming. I also don’t want to get out of rhythm during this time. I like rhythm and I need rhythm. Rhythm of sleep, rest, work, play, exercise, blogging, connecting with friends, wrestling with my kids and sitting with my wife.

Well, that is about it for now. I look forward to the week ahead, as I hope you do too. Thanks for stopping by and getting inside my head.




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