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hannah.jpgSo last night I finally gave in to all the hype and watched Slumdog Millionaire with Amy. It was amazing for sure, but that is not the movie I am blogging about today. Yep, you guessed it. I’m posting on Hannah Montana.

So on Tuesday I took Emma out on a date. We went to see Hannah Montana The Movie. Now I only remember hearing one song by her and I hated it, but I do love my little girl and so just like my dad took me to see Star Wars in the 70’s I now return the favor and dadlike coolness to my little girl. The difference is that Star Wars is and always will be a classic where as Hannah will be forgotten in like a week, at least by me.

So, back to Hannah, or Miley as her school friends know her. Sheesh, I am laughing at myself even as I write this. Anyway, as the movie was starting Emma looked at me and said “thank you daddy so much for taking me on this date to Hannah Montana. I love you so much.” After hearing that I could have even stomached sitting through anything, even Mission To Mars, which I am convinced is the worst movie ever made.

I am not sure if it was because I couldn’t take the movie serious or if it was because Billy Ray Sirus was in it, but I couldn’t stop grinning all the way thought. I am not going to go into the plot of it, but in short this girl is a regular girl, but also a rock star. When she puts on her Hannah Montana blond wig no one car recognize her, sort of like Clark Kent with his glasses, but once again on a way suckier level. In the movie her dad takes her out of Hollywood to bring her back to her roots in Tennessee. She has a choice to make on weather to keep the Hannah secred and live two lives or to let people know who she realy is and live her life without any more secrets. Sort of when KISS took off their make-up and showed their ugly mugs for the first time.

The thing that I liked about it was that she made the choice to not live a double life, but to show people who she really was. It redeemed it for me and actually made me glad that I took Emma. It taught some good morals and good decisions. Now I hope to return the favor with Emma and make her sit through the documentary of KISS.


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