Today we, Amy and I were in Bertigny, Switzerland hanging with the YWAM’ers there, specifically our good friends the Kosters. We spent some time talking with Jana, the director of the Women and childrens advocacy center.

They are a ministry of YWAM that does research on gressroots justice ministries and connects the church with them. Jana was telling me that 60% of Christian justice focussed ministries fail within the 1st two years, 70% if they are run by indigenous people. This is crazy. They fail because of lack of finances, and lack of support with the local people and churches.

I loved hearing about there ministry. Unlike a lot of YWAM I have seen they are very organized and profesional in what they are doing. They are reading a grew book called “Getting Things Done” to learn how to maximize there time.

My time with them was encouraging and challenging. I have been thinking of a sustainable justice focussed project to work on for next year and today confirmed me going for it. Please take a moment and check the centre out and say a prayer for them. They truly are making awareness and feeding Gods sheep.

Now I am running to catch my flight and begin our 18 hour travel day home.


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2 comments so far on “Justice Friday- Thinking and scheming

  1. Shannon says:

    OH! I was considering doing a DTS there, I’d love to hear more about your time there!

  2. phil says:

    The base was great Shannon, we were not there very long, but I loved it. It has a great community feel, as it is in a small town. The director is real cool and they are doing some great stuff for the world.

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