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twHaha, I was just looking at my last post, listed above, and saw that I spelled scheming wrong. I would normally care and be bothered, but then I read Human 3rror’s posts on blogging. Great stuff, you should check it out. Anyway, back to this evenings post. I was thinking today about Twitter and had some ideas that I figured I would share.

The other week in Germany I was sharing the importance of Twitter and social networking. It seems as though people who don’t know Twitter think it is just a waste of time, including my lovely wife Amy. Why would people want to follow everything that other people do? And why would people want to share everything they do on line? Well, I guess it depends on the person, I for example love it.

I have been thinking some lately about why I post tweets and why people follow me. Now I don’t have a lot of followers and of the ones that I have a bunch of them are silly corporations who have no face and the rest are just people and friends interested in me. I am realizing that people follow you on Twitter because of who you are, not because they expect you to be someone else. Twitter is there for you to be you. If you try to be someone you are not, like trying to be super serious and intense on twitter when you are not that way normally it just will not work. If you are a serious person, who challenges people and pushes people to grow then that is who you should be on twitter also.

If you are on Twitter enjoy it. Enjoy who you are and know that the people who follow you enjoy who you are as well. They enjoy who you are so much in fact that they will receive updates on your life on a regular basis as you post them. In addition, the people you follow you are following because you love hearing about their day’s, or you look forward to what they have to say in their tweets.

Here are a few people that I follow and why I follow them. Rainn Wilson as he is hilarious, Missional as I love the challenges he gives and Causecast as they keep me informed. If you do have Twitter there are a lot of apps that make it fun as well. The one I am currently using is Tweetie. If you have an I-Phone another great app is Twitterfon. Thanks for reading and hope to see ya Tweeting. If you want to follow me I am Tweeting here.

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