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Picture 1I have been thinking about this quite a bit, the whole idea of twittering verses blogging. Lately I have been twittering much more than blogging. I have also been thinking more about things to tweet more than things to blog about. Maybe it am just getting lazy and only want to write 14o characters, or maybe I feel that we can get messages out quicker and to more people and receive messages quicker and via more people with twitter.

I was talking to my good friend Jamie the other day. We were talking about the effects and ease of twitter and how it is such a great medium for social networking. I was thinking today about how great it is to see people living their lives out loud. It is great to see actors like Ethan Suplee, pastors like my friend Lars Rood and normal everyday people like my friend Wade Gadsby living their lives. It brings all of us to the same level and breaks down all pedestals that we normally put people in authority and in the media on.

It is also a great way to be an example of how you live your lives to others. If you are a parent tweet about your time with your kids. Teach others how to interact with kids, serve them and parent. If you are married post about the time you have with your spouse (don’t get to personal), and if you are a leader tweet about your thoughts and leadership actions. We need to learn from you, you have something to teach. This is one of the many reasons that twitter rules.

I have been posting a lot on this lately, but it is a part of my life and I am excited about it. Good night for now and tweet on my friends, tweet on.

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