PA black friday PA SHOPPERS 4.jpgYesterday on my way back home from Winnipeg my family and I met my dad in a mall parking lot. We had gone to Winnipeg for the weekend to celebrate Emmas 7th birthday and host a support gathering at my home supporting church. It was a busy week and we didn’t get to connect with my dad, so on the way out of town we hooked up for 15 minutes or so. When I left I couldn’t stop thinking that since my dad left my mom 5+ years ago the only places we have spent time together are parking lots and coffee shops.

As I drove away I thought once again of the consequences of our sin. My times in Winnipeg with my family are few and not that long. It was hard enough coming home for only 2 weeks a year and then leaving, but now when I come home there is a big part of home missing, my dad. Now instead of just seeing my dad at the house, sitting with him and talking on the couch or having a meal together we have to set up a meeting where we can both fit each other into our busy schedules. I don’t like meeting my dad, I like it when he is just a regular part of my life, of my coming and going.

I had tears in my eyes yesterday as I drove out of the city. Tears and grief about life being broken and being changed. These consequences affect my dad too, he hates meeting in malls and cafe’s, he wants to be a regular part of my life as well. Just as I can’t sit in my mom and dads house with my dad and just be, he can’t do that with anyone in his family, or can he? This is the question that rings in my ears, can this change? Can this be different? Can this work out in some other way where he and his family have a normal connection as all parents should have with their children.

This is as far as it gets, it ends with a question mark. If you are reading this and come from a broken home, or know someone from a broken home what are your thoughts? How have you seen this play out? How would you like it to play out for you?

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